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Online Learning/Video Series

The new normal is virtual and online. The best way to deliver a learning series is with a high quality video production. With nearly four decades of experience in radio/tv production, It was exciting to produce a powerful teaching series for digital distribution. It is no longer broadcasting but target casting. In the new normal, quality makes you stand out with your target audience!

In the second quarter of 2020, while COVID locked the world in a standstill, I had the opportunity to develop a video series featuring John Nimmo and Greg Yates based on the book THINK AND GROW RICH. I was my pleasure to produce, record and edit the 20 part video series. It was the full first production recorded at my new video/audio studio.

The series is available at and the THINK AND GROW RICH series is the first of many inspiring learning series to come. John Nimmo and Greg Yates wanted a quality video product to match their passion to help and inspire others.

Want to be a part of the new normal? Want to target cast? Want to stand out above the rest of the crowd? I have the studio, the gear, and the know how! John and Greg call it specialized knowledge. One of the concepts I learned from the series available on

-Tom Mann

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