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What's A Social Media Bite?

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

In my many years of broadcasting, "the sound bite" was what was most important to the story. "Did you get a good sound bite, Tom?" "Let me hear the sound bite, Tom?" Whether it was an "audio sound bite" for radio or a "video sound bite" for television, a short, powerful message ("bite") is what "made" the news story or the show. What made my documentary projects so powerful was the sound bites used in my production.

So, what's a "Social Media Bite?"

My definition of a Social Media Bite is a simple, short video message that is delivered via social media or the web. It can be helpful tips, product information, or news updates on your business or organization. A one to three minute social media bite makes what you say personal and powerful. It showcases you as the expert on what you do and makes what you say and do stand out.

It is more than just a recorded video from a mobile phone. What you need is high quality Audio/Video Concept Development and video production. If you want your Social Media Bite branded alongside professional audio and video, call me. I can set you above the rest and make you stand out on your FaceBook posts.

-Tom Mann

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